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Children's EHR Format Requirement Comparison

(No Match) Requirement ID: Req-1255: External Sources of Developmental and Behavioral Information Req-1265: Present questionnaire results like lab data
(Matches) Release Package: 2013 Format 2013 Format
(No Match) Title: External Sources of Developmental and Behavioral Information Present questionnaire results like lab data
(No Match) Description: Developmental and Behavioral Information requires information from medical as well as non-medical people who interact with a child including but not limited to parents, teachers, and counselors. Developmental Milestones can be divided many ways all include some aspect of Physical Development, Social /Personal Skills, Cognitive Development, and Communication Skills. In order for a pediatrician to completely assess a child's developmental progress many external pieces of information must be available to the clinician. The system SHALL present questionnaire results in lab-like format indicating values that are outside the range of normal.
(Matches) Topic Area(s): Well Child/Preventive Care Well Child/Preventive Care
(Matches) Provenance: SME SME
(No Match) Achievability: Moderate
(No Match) Requirement Type: Function Normative Statements
(No Match) Shall/Should/May: SHALL
(Matches) Critical/Core: no no
(Matches) Status: Released Released
(Matches) Links:
(Matches) See Also:
(Matches) Comments:
(No Match) Additional Information: IQ score threshold: For example, an IQ score less than 70 is consistent with an interpretation of Intellectually Disabled. The presentation of the score could indicate that interpretation.
(Matches) Implementation Notes:
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