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Req-972: Age-specific preventive encounters
Release Package: 2013 Format

Release Package:

2013 Format

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Age-specific preventive encounters


The system SHALL support age-specific preventive well-child encounters with content based on age-appropriate recommendations such as Medicaid EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic & Treatment) and Bright Futures periodicity schedules.

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Normative Statements








Bright Futures: This link is the summary table/periodicity schedule. This one page pdf provides a summary of the recommendations for pediatric preventive health care

Bright Futures: This site provides a complete on-line downloadable version of the HRSA Bright Futures Guideline, Edition 3 (2008). It is 648 pages long. Each chapter and appendix is available as separate pdf documents. There are links on this page to the summary table/periodicity schedule, to downloadable PDFs that summarize the underlying evidence reviews, to implementation tools and resource kits, PDA and on line products, and also to the Pocket Guide version of the guideline.

Bright Futures: The Pocket Guide is also fully downloadable, and this single pdf summarizes the Guideline in 65 4"x7"pages; longer format than the periodicity table, but much shorter than the full guideline
http://brightfutures.aap.org/pdfs/BF3 pocket guide_final.pdf

Bright Futures: The Bright Futures implementation tools and resource kits include pre and post visit patient questionnaire and documentation forms, decision tools, chart forms, and patient/family educational materials. These are available as downloads, or may be purchased.

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Additional Information:

EPSDT support by Bright Futures recommendations and periodicity: Bright Futures is often (but not always selected by states as a nationally recognized set of guidelines that satisfies EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic & Treatment requirements. Bright Futures encompasses all preventive care that children should receive, regardless of their insurance status. Although there are many Bright Futures recommendations ( http://brightfutures.aap.org Exit Disclaimer the Periodicity Schedule ( http://brightfutures.aap.org/clinical_practice.html Exit Disclaimer summarizes the minimum key services that should be provided at each preventive visit.

Federal EPSDT requirements: EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic & Treatment applies to Medicaid-enrolled children. Requirements vary somewhat by individual state. Federal requirements are available at http://www.medicaid.gov/Medicaid-CHIP-Program-Information/By-Topics/Benefits/Early-Periodic-Screening-Diagnosis-and-Treatment.html
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