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Req-1116: Vaccine administration messages to billing system
Release Package: 2013 Format

Release Package:

2013 Format

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Vaccine administration messages to billing system


The system SHOULD send standard messages to the practice management/billing system that include vaccine-specific administration codes.

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IH Gap Analysis - SME



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Normative Statements








LOINC: LOINC is a standard terminology for a variety of clinical needs. [Last accessed 27 September 2012]

CPT Codes: CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) provides billing codes for clinical procedures. CPT is owned by the American Medical Association (AMA). [Last accessed 27 September 2012]

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Additional Information:

Integrate EHR immunization administration codes: To illustrate how and when vaccine-specific administration codes can be incorporated into practice, consider the following scenario: a nurse prepares, scans, and administers the ordered vaccine dose. The bar-code scanner sends a standard vaccine dose code (LOINC, CPT code and an administration code (CPT code to the practice management system. The practice management system assigns a usual and customary charge and generates a superbill with the appropriate charges for the patient.
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