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Req-2025: Age-specific decision support
Release Package: 2015 Priority List

Release Package:

2015 Priority List

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Age-specific decision support


The system shall report on age-specific Bright Futures-based screening and preventive care opportunities for an individual patient in the practice.

Related Requirements:

Relationship Release Package Requirement ID Requirement Title Requirement Type SHALL / SHOULD / MAY Compare Requirements
Req-2025 is associated with 2013 Format Req-1090 Age- and gender-specific decision support Normative Statements SHALL Compare

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Normative Statement







Implementation Notes:

Studies of decision support demonstrate that primary care providers and children benefit from alerts and reminders about a variety of recommendations. This requirement extends alerts and reminders into screening (e.g., hemaglobin test and preventive care (e.g., injury prevention discussion domains, which are important for child health. Many of these recommendations are found in Bright Futures. EHRs that use rule-based alerting and that have data-driven forms for preventive care should be able to comply with this recommendation by allowing the content of forms to trigger recommendations based on the age of the patient and the age at which the preventive care normally would have been conducted. To reduce alert fatigue, these alerts and recommendations might be summarized by one rule, such as, “Some age-appropriate Bright Futures-recommended screening and preventive care recommendations have not been addressed to date. Click here for details.”

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