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Req-1126: Timely decision support when ordering vaccines
Release Package: 2013 Format

Release Package:

2013 Format

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Timely decision support when ordering vaccines


The system SHALL enable timely decision support (recommendations for specific antigens) when ordering vaccine dose(s) for an individual patient, based on a) current child health immunization schedules, which may include the patient's immunization history (age, vaccines received, including date of last previous vaccination), b) the patient's demographics (date of birth) and clinical history (current weight, allergies, medications, problem lists, and laboratory test results), including contraindications to vaccine components, and c) an entered date (default date is the time the vaccine is ordered, i.e. Now).

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Immunization Schedules: CDC Child, Adolescent & "Catch-up" Immunization Schedules - Details For Health Care Professionals. [Last accessed September 25, 2012]

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Additional Information:

Immunization Decision Support: An Immunization Decision Support System provides antigen recommendations based on a patient's immunization history from the EHR, current recommendations from the CDC, the patient's age, and the current date.
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