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Req-2024: Track incomplete preventive care opportunities
Release Package: 2015 Priority List

Release Package:

2015 Priority List

Requirement ID:



Track incomplete preventive care opportunities


The system shall generate a list on demand for any children who have missed recommended health supervision visits (e.g., preventive opportunities), according to the periodicity of visits recommended in Bright Futures.

Related Requirements:

Relationship Release Package Requirement ID Requirement Title Requirement Type SHALL / SHOULD / MAY Compare Requirements
Req-2024 is associated with 2013 Format Req-1082 Identify incomplete preventive care opportunities Normative Statements SHALL Compare

Requirement Type:

Normative Statement







Implementation Notes:

Studies demonstrate the importance of adherence with periodic visits to the primary care provider. This requirement allows practices to generate reports across their population of children who are behind in periodic visits. It is not designed to assess the overall compliance with screening and preventive care, and could, depending on the format of the report, suffice to cover Req-2047.
Because of the changes in recommendation that occur over time for the care of children, the ability to create new, customizable reports based on user defined criteria to identfy a new health maintenace tasks is important.
For this report to be most useful, it would include at minimum the child’s current age, contact information, and the date/purpose of the last visit to the practice.

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Last Updated 04/13/2016
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