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Req-1290EPSDT reporting2013 FormatThe system SHOULD be able to generate reports of recommended EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic & Treatment services to support annual EPSDT reporting requirements.EPSDT, Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1289Blood-lead testing2013 FormatThe system SHOULD alert when blood-lead testing is needed.EPSDT, Primary Care Management, Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1288Fluoride varnish and dental sealants2013 FormatThe system SHOULD alert when application of fluoride varnish or dental sealant is due. and support management and tracking of this service whether provided by the primary care provider or through a referral.EPSDT, Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1287Referral for dental services2013 FormatThe system SHOULD facilitate a dental referral according to the appropriate periodicity schedule (generally by age one or at eruption of the first tooth, and biannually thereafter or whenever indicated by abnormal findings.EPSDT, Primary Care Management, Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1286Abnormal screen follow-up2013 FormatThe system SHOULD provide prompts to follow-up after an abnormal screening result.EPSDT, Primary Care Management, Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1278History of Abuse and Neglect2013 FormatHistory of Abuse and NeglectChild Abuse Reporting, Child Welfare, Well Child/Preventive CareFunctionno
Req-1277Communication with non-medical professionals2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have the ability to communicate with non-medical professionals electronically requesting information or referral services.
Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1276Compendia of state and local laws2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have a compendium of state and local laws and regulations related to non-medical psychosocial problems that are available to the staff for reference.

Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1275Import and manage compendia of resources2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have the ability to import and manage compendia of resources for non-medical psychosocial problemsWell Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1274Reference of non-medical resources for psychosocial problems2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have a reference of non-medical resources for psychosocial problems.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1273Referral for Non-Medical Psychosocial Problems2013 FormatThe care of children includes interfaces with the psychosocial world of children. This includes, for example, parents, teachers, governmental bodies, and counselors. Issues include who to contact within non-medical organization, what legal responsibilities and procedural requirements exist, and how to interact with non-medical organization and individuals.Well Child/Preventive CareFunctionno
Req-1272Organization of imported psychosocial and case management information2013 FormatThe system SHOULD support the detailed organization of psychosocial and case management information that originates external to the EHR.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1271Identify patient-appropriate questionnaires2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have the ability to identify potentially appropriate patient/caregiver questionnaires based on specific patient parameters such as age or disorder.
Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1270Library of patient/caregiver questionnaires2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have a library of patient/caregiver questionnaires from which clinicians can choose.

Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1269Present patient/caregiver questionnaires within the EHR2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have the ability to present patient/caregiver questionnaires to clinicians within the EHR.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1268Automatically generate age-appropriate developmental questionnaires2013 FormatThe system SHALL have rule-based business intelligence that allows it to automatically generate age-appropriate questionnaires of the correct type which are then presented to the correct person.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1267Support validated developmental screening tools2013 FormatThe system SHALL support the use and documentation of formal, validated best practice screening tools such as: ASQ, PEDS, M-CHAT, PSC, etc.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsyes
Req-1266Milestone Questionnaires2013 FormatDecision support for age-appropriate administration of milestone questionnaires.Well Child/Preventive CareFunctionno
Req-1265Present questionnaire results like lab data2013 FormatThe system SHALL present questionnaire results in lab-like format indicating values that are outside the range of normal.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1264Combine imported and directly entered childhood development data2013 FormatThe system SHALL combine information gathered from outside sources with information directly entered into the EHR in order to derive contextually complete reports of childhood development.
Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1263Compare questionnaire results to national normative values2013 FormatThe system SHALL have the ability to compare imported questionnaire results data to national normative values.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1262Display questionnaire results visually2013 FormatThe system SHALL be able to display questionnaire results in a visual format (graphing/chartsWell Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1261Present questionnaire results to medical staff2013 FormatThe system SHALL be able to present questionnaire results to the medical staff in a usable format which includes both individual data elements and aggregate scores.
Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1260Import questionnaire results in computable format2013 FormatThe system SHALL be able to import results of questionnaire into a computable format (to the degree that the original responses are computableWell Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-1259Patient-specific directory for questionnaire delivery2013 FormatThe system SHALL be able to use a patient-specific directory to automatically deliver questionnaires.
Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
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