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Req-2013Alert based on age-specific norms2015 Priority List
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You are viewing the Abridged Children's EHR Format. To view the Full Children's EHR Format, you must first agree to the HL7 License Agreement.
Well Child/Preventive Care, Primary Care ManagementNormative Statementyes
Req-2020Physical exam screening results2015 Priority ListThe system shall allow documentation of the presence or absence of pediatric age- and sex-specific physical exam findings.Well Child/Preventive Care, EPSDTNormative Statementyes
Req-832Patient age in units appropriate to environment of care2013 FormatThe system SHALL present patient age using units appropriate to the environment of care as well as the patient age.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsyes
Req-977Blood pressure norms2013 FormatThe system SHALL provide age-, gender-, and height-specific norms and percentiles for blood pressure measurements.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsyes
Req-973Monitor compliance with recommended periodicity of visits2013 FormatThe system SHALL monitor and report on compliance with the recommended locally adopted periodicity of visits and be able to identify individuals who have not attended recommended health supervision visits.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsyes
Req-1070Age/gender-specific pre-visit history/screening/prevention forms2013 FormatThe system SHALL support patient/parent completion of pre-visit history forms selected by specific age and gender relevant screening/preventive care questions (e.g. ASQ or PEDSWell Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsyes
Req-1267Support validated developmental screening tools2013 FormatThe system SHALL support the use and documentation of formal, validated best practice screening tools such as: ASQ, PEDS, M-CHAT, PSC, etc.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsyes
Req-2004Screening tool status2015 Priority ListThe system shall capture the administration, completion, and interpretation of screening tools.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementyes
Req-2023Support pre-visit history/screening/prevention forms2015 Priority ListThe system shall record values for pediatric specific pre-visit parent/patient reported data in a manner that enables retrieval and reporting.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementyes
Req-2024Track incomplete preventive care opportunities2015 Priority ListThe system shall generate a list on demand for any children who have missed recommended health supervision visits (e.g., preventive opportunities according to the periodicity of visits recommended in Bright Futures.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementyes
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