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Req-989Birth Demographics2013 FormatIn either single or multiple births the mother's demographics, except for name, are associated with the child. Additionally, the names initially given the baby(ies may be simply "Baby 1," "Baby 2," etc.Patient IdentifierHeaderno
Req-895Birth History2013 FormatBirth represents a significant milestone. Newborn babies undergo large physiologic changes that make them susceptible to medical problems in the perinatal period. An accurate birth history provides the foundation for good newborn and child health care.Birth Information, Patient Identifier, Specialized Scales/ScoringHeaderno
Req-93Birth date format2013 FormatThe system SHALL record Birth Date (MM:DD:YYYYBirth InformationNormative Statementsno
Req-1198Birth information to state vital statistics registry2013 FormatThe system SHOULD provide birth information to the appropriate state vital statistics registry.Birth Information, Registry LinkagesNormative Statementsno
Req-94Birth order: familial rank2013 FormatThe system SHOULD have the ability to record Birth Order (Familial RankBirth Information, Patient IdentifierNormative Statementsno
Req-897Birth weight in kg2013 FormatThe system SHALL record birth weight in kilograms to 3 decimal places.Birth InformationNormative Statementsno
Req-977Blood pressure norms2013 FormatThe system SHALL provide age-, gender-, and height-specific norms and percentiles for blood pressure measurements.Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsyes
Req-956Blood use in neonatal resuscitation2013 FormatThe system SHALL record the dose, route, and frequency of blood products used during resuscitation.Birth InformationNormative Statementsno
Req-1289Blood-lead testing2013 FormatThe system SHOULD alert when blood-lead testing is needed.EPSDT, Primary Care Management, Well Child/Preventive CareNormative Statementsno
Req-863Body Mass Index2013 FormatBody mass index (BMI is a calculated, based on weight and height. Currently, normative data exist only for children 2 and older. It is usually measured at all well-child visits, but can be assessed at other times based on clinician concern.Children with Special Healthcare Needs, Growth Data, Well Child/Preventive CareFunctionno
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