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Data Elements Related to Medicaid Subrogation

Name: Medicaid Subrogation
Definition: Provides guidelines for the process whereby a Medicaid agency can communicate to a processor for reimbursement.
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Medicaid Agency NumberNumber assigned by processor to identify the individual Medicaid Agency or representative.
Medicaid ID NumberA unique member identification number assigned by the Medicaid Agency.
Medicaid Paid AmountAmount paid by the Medicaid Agency.
Medicaid Subrogation Internal Control Number/Transaction Control Number (ICN/TCN)Claim number assigned by the Medicaid Agency.
Patient First NameIndividual first name.
Patient Last NameIndividual last name.
Patient Street Address Line 1Free-form text for address line 1 information.
Patient Street Address Line 2Free-form text for address line 2 information.
Version/Release NumberCode uniquely identifying the transmission syntax and corresponding Data Dictionary.
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