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Data Elements Related to Batch Standard

Name: Batch Standard
Definition: Uses the functionality, syntax, formatting, data set, and rules of the Telecommunication Standard to "wrap" in a detail record for an implementer to "code once". A batch header and trailer are included to support a batch method of delivery.
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Batch NumberThis number is assigned by the processor/sender.
Creation DateDate the file was created.
Creation TimeTime the file was created.
File TypeCode identifying whether the file contained is test or production data.
MessageFree form message.
Receiver IDAn identification number of the endpoint receiver of the data file.
Record Count Includes the total number of records in the batch, including the header and trailer records.
Record CountIncludes the total number of records within the grouped records header and trailer, including the header and trailer in the count. For Audit: Total number of details records included in transmission
Record Count Total number of details records included in transmission
Reject CountCount of 'Reject Code' (511-FB) occurrences.
Segment IdentifierUnique record type required on Enrollment/Batch Transaction Standard.
Sender IDAn identification number assigned to the sender of the data by the processor/receiver of the data.
Text IndicatorThis field is used to identify the beginning and ending of the data record.
Transaction Reference NumberA reference number assigned by the provider to each of the data records in the batch or real-time transactions. The purpose of this number is to facilitate the process of matching the transaction response to the transaction. The transaction reference number assigned should be returned in the response.
Transmission TypeA value to define the type of transmission being sent.
Version/Release NumberCode uniquely identifying the transmission syntax and corresponding Data Dictionary.
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