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Data Elements Related to Financial Information Reporting Standard

Name: Financial Information Reporting Standard
Definition: Provides a standardized format for the exchange of accumulated financial information between Medicare Part D plans.
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Accumulated Gross Covered Drug Cost AmountThe accumulated cost incurred by the plan for covered Part D drugs including amounts paid by or on behalf of an enrollee and including certain dispensing fees, but not including administrative costs.
Accumulated Patient True Out Of Pocket AmountThe accumulated cost for covered Part D drugs incurred by a patient that are applicable towards the out-of-pocket limit set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Accumulator MonthIdentifies the accumulator month based on date of service of claims activity.
Accumulator Month CountCount of Accumulator Month (655-S6) occurrences.
Accumulator YearIdentifies the accumulator year.
Additional Message InformationFree text message.
Authorization NumberNumber assigned by the processor to identify an authorized transaction.
BIN NumberCard Issuer ID or Bank ID Number used for network routing.
Cardholder IDInsurance ID assigned to the cardholder or identification number used by the plan.
CMS Part D Contract IDDesignation assigned by CMS that identifies a specific Medicare Part D sponsor.
DateTimeDate and time of the item from the originator, expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Group IDID assigned to the cardholder group or employer group.
Header Response StatusCode indicating the status of the transmission.
Medicare Part D Plan Benefit Package (PBP)Identifier assigned by CMS of a particular plan benefit package (Benefit Category) within a Medicare Part D contract.
MessageFree form message.
Person CodeCode assigned to a specific person within a family.
Processor Control NumberNumber assigned by the processor.
Reject CodeCode indicating the error encountered.
Reject CountCount of 'Reject Code' (511-FB) occurrences.
Segment IdentificationIdentifies the segment in the request and/or response.
Software Vendor/ Certification IDID assigned by the switch or processor to identify the software source.
Transaction CodeCode identifying the type of transaction.
Transaction CountCount of transactions in the transmission.
Transaction IdentifierThe unique value assigned by the Facilitator that relates the Inquiry, Exchange(s), and Update transactions to each other.
Transaction Response StatusCode indicating the status of the transaction.
Version/Release NumberCode uniquely identifying the transmission syntax and corresponding Data Dictionary.
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