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Data Elements Related to Specialized Implementation Guide

Name: Specialized Implementation Guide
Definition: Developed for transmitting information electronically between prescribers, providers, payers, pharmacies and other entities for medication therapy management, census events, central fill functions and other transactions.
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AcknowledgementIDResponder control reference This field may be used as a trace number between trading partners. For Resupply - In the LTC environment this is the prescription number assigned by the facility.
AdditionalMessageIndicatorDesignates if a subsequent transaction will be sent.
AdditionalTraceNumberTrace number between trading partners.
AddressLine1First line of address information.
AddressLine2Second line of address information.
AddressTypeQualifierQualifies the To or From.
AllergyDrugProductCodedQualifierThe code list used to identify the drug product to which the patient is allergic.
AnticipatedReturnDateThe date on which the patient is expected to return to the care facility.
AttachmentDataThe actual attachment.
AttachmentSourceThe source of the attachment.
AuthorizationNumberSee Authorization Number (503-F3)
BedThe bed of the patient.
BeeperExtensionExtension of the beeper number.
BeeperNumberBeeper number of the entity.
BeeperSupportsSMSIndication the number accepts text messages.
BodyTypeThe XML transaction types.
BusinessNameName of the business.
CalculatedPrescriptionSellingPriceCalculated selling price for the prescription. Could be Usual and Customary or Gross Amount Due.
CardholderIDInsurance ID assigned to the cardholder or identification number used by the plan.
CensusEffectiveDateThe date that census event was effective.
CFOrderIDUnique Identifier assigned by the pharmacy for the prescription fulfillment order.
ChildResistantPackageIndicator the prescription requires child resistant packaging.
City Free-form text for city name.
ClinicalInfoFormatsRequestedTypes of clinical information formats the sender can handle.
ClinicalInfoTypesRequestedRequested patient clinical information types.
ClinicNameName of clinic.
CoatingDrug coating from a drug imprint database.
ColorDrug color from a drug imprint database.
ConsentPatient Consent Indicator
CounselIndicator the patient has requested counseling for the medication.
CounselNotesCounseling text to be printed on the documentation provided to the patient.
CreatedElement in UsernameToken for the creation of the transaction. SOAP.
DatatypesVersionElement defines which NCPDP datatypes schema is being used.
DateOfBirthDate of birth of patient.
DateOfServiceSee Date of Service (401-D1)
DateValidatedThe date when material obligations were verified.
DaysSupplyEstimated number of days the prescription will last.
DeliveredIDInitiator reference identifier.
DescriptionCodeReject codes used by responder who takes responsibility for transaction.
DiscountAmountAmount of discount that was applied to the prescription.
DispensingRequestCodeCode conveying a pharmacy dispensing action associated with a Census event.
DrugProductCodedIdentifies the product to which the patient is allergic.
DrugProductCodedQualifierQualifier for DrugProductCoded.
DrugShapeDrug shape text from a drug imprint database.
ECLVersionElement defines which NCPDP external code list schema is being used.
EffectiveDateThe beginning date or date and time.
ElectronicMailThe electronic mail address of the entity.
EthnicityThe cultural heritage of the entity.
ExpirationDateThe final date or date and time.
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