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Data Elements Related to SCRIPT Standard

Name: SCRIPT Standard
Definition: Developed for transmitting prescription information electronically between prescribers, pharmacies, payers, and other entities for new prescriptions, changes of prescriptions, prescription refill requests, prescription fill status notifications, cancellation notifications, relaying of medication history, transactions for long-term care, electronic prior authorization and other transactions.

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CodedReferenceCodeThe code from the source.
CodedReferenceDescriptionThe textual representation of the CodedReferenceCode.
CodedReferenceQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
CodedSystemVersionThe version of the code system used.
ComparisonOperatorCode that conveys the relationship between the answered value to a question and a defined boundary.
ComparisonValueValue for the boundary of the comparison.
CompoundCodeCode indicating whether or not the prescription is a compound.
CompoundIngredientItemDescriptionName of drug.
CompoundIngredientProductCodeCode identifying the compound ingredient product being reported.
CompoundIngredientProductCodeQualifierThe code list defining the CompoundIngredientProductCode.
CompoundQuantityCodeListQualifierQualifies CompoundQuantityValue.
CompoundQuantityValueAmount expressed in metric decimal units of the product included in the compound mixture.
ConsentPatient Consent Indicator
CouponNumberIdentifies the promotion number or sample.
CreatedElement in UsernameToken for the creation of the transaction. SOAP.
DatatypesVersionElement defines which NCPDP datatypes schema is being used.
DateOfBirthDate of birth of patient.
DateValidatedThe date when material obligations were verified.
DaysSupplyEstimated number of days the prescription will last.
DeadlineForReplyExpiration date of the case.
DEAScheduleCodeValue defining the DEA schedule of the medication.
DefaultNextQuestionIDIndicates the next that should be answered regardless of the answer provided to this question or "END".
DeliveredIDInitiator reference identifier.
DeliveredOnDateDate or date and time prescription was received at facility.
DescriptionCodeReject codes used by responder who takes responsibility for transaction.
DigitalSignatureIndicatorTrue/False indicating the prescription has been digitally signed
DigitalSignatureVersionElement defines which digitial signature version is being used.
DigestValueUsed to confirm that all fields have been included in the digital signature. Apply a SHA1 HASH and base64Encode the result. DigestValue is composed of fields concatenated together and then encoded. The DigestValue is the result of a SHA-1 Hash, which is always 160 bits or 20 bytes.
DoNotFillUsed for medications ordered by a prescriber but not requiring dispensing at this time, but may be required for administration and may be available for drug-to-drug interactions.
DoseAmountTextThe textual representation of the Dose Amount when dose amount cannot expressed as a unit of measure.
DoseAmountTextCodeThe code representing the DoseAmountText.
DoseAmountTextQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
DoseCalculationClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the dose calculation for elements that cannot be codified.
DoseClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the dose for elements that cannot be codified.
DoseDeliveryMethodCodeThe code representing the DoseDeliveryMethodText.
DoseDeliveryMethodModifierCodeThe code representing the DoseDeliveryMethodModifierText.
DoseDeliveryMethodModifierQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
DoseDeliveryMethodModifierTextThe textual representation of the DoseDeliveryMethodModifierCode. Modifies the method in which the dose is delivered. Ancillary information needed to better understand the delivery method.
DoseDeliveryMethodQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
DoseDeliveryMethodTextThe textual representation of the DoseDeliveryMethod. This is the method in which the dose is delivered (describes how the dose is administered/consumed)
DoseFormCodeThe code representing the DoseFormText.
DoseFormQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
DoseFormTextThe textual representation of the DoseFormCode.
DoseQuantityThe numeric expression of the dose.
DoseRangeModifierUsed to signify that the Sig contains more than one dose in a range or option.
DosingBasisNumericExpresses the numeric value of the dosing basis.
DosingBasisRangeModifierUsed to signify that the Sig contains more than one dose which represent a dose range (TO) or contains a dose option (OR).
DosingBasisUnitOfMeasureCodeThe code representing the DosingBasisUnitofMeasureText.
DosingBasisUnitOfMeasureQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
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