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Data Elements Related to SCRIPT Standard

Name: SCRIPT Standard
Definition: Developed for transmitting prescription information electronically between prescribers, pharmacies, payers, and other entities for new prescriptions, changes of prescriptions, prescription refill requests, prescription fill status notifications, cancellation notifications, relaying of medication history, transactions for long-term care, electronic prior authorization and other transactions.

sort Name
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DosingBasisUnitOfMeasureTextThe textual representation of the DosingBasisUnitOfMeasureCode.
DrugAdminReasonCodeCode identifying the reason for the message.
DrugAdminReasonTextAdditional textual information regarding the message.
DrugCoverageStatusCodeCode identifying the coverage status of the prescribed drug.
DrugDBCodeCode value to define the reference number GPI, GCN Seq #, GFC, DDID, SmartKey, GM, Multum MMDC, Multum Drug ID, etc
DrugDBCodeQualifierQualifies DrugDBCode.
DrugDescriptionName of drug.
DurationClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the duration for elements that cannot be codified.
DurationNumericValueThe numeric duration units.
DurationTextThe textual representation of DurationUnitsCode.
DurationTextCodeThe code representing the DurationUnitsText.
DurationTextQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
DUR Co-Agent ID QualifierCode qualifying the value in 'DUR Co-Agent ID' (476-H6).
ECLVersionElement defines which NCPDP external code list schema is being used.
EffectiveDateThe beginning date or date and time.
ElectronicMailThe electronic mail address of the entity.
EndDateThe final date or date and time.
ExpirationDateThe final date or date and time.
FacilityIdentificationIdentification of the facility.
FacilityNameName identifying the location of the service rendered.
FacilityUnitThe unit of the patient.
FaxExtensionExtension of the fax number.
FaxNumberFax number of the entity.
FaxSupportsSMSIndication the number accepts text messages.
FillNumberThe code indicating whether the prescription is an original or a refill.
FinalCompoundPharmaceuticalDosageFormDrug form, in a code. Dosage form code. Pharmaceutical Dosage Form.
FirstNameFirst name.
FMTVersionThe version of FMT (Federal Medication Terminologies) from NCI being used for NCPDP Drug StrengthForm Terminology.
FollowUpRequestIndicator to allow pharmacies to tell prescribers that this is a follow-up Refill Request or Change Request transaction. The field is not sent on an original request.
FrequencyNumericValueThe numeric interval for the event. Used to define a frequency of administration.
FrequencyUnitsCodeThe code representing the FrequencyUnitsText.
FrequencyUnitsQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
FrequencyUnitsTextThe textual representation of FrequencyUnitsCode.
FromThe identification number of the sender.
GenderCode identifying the gender of the individual.
GroupIDID assigned to the cardholder group or employer group.
GroupNameName of group being submitted.
Home TelephoneExtensionExtension of the home telephone number.
HomeTelephoneNumberHome telephone number of the entity.
HomeTelephoneSupportsSMSIndication the number accepts text messages.
IndicationClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the indication for elements that cannot be codified.
IndicationCodeThe code representing the IndicationText.
IndicationPrecursorCodeThe code representing the IndicationPrecursorText.
IndicationPrecursorQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
IndicationPrecursorTextThe textual representation of the IndicationPrecursorCode.
IndicationQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
IndicationTextThe textual representation of the IndicationText.
IndicationValueCodeThe code representing the IndicationValueText.
IndicationValueQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
IndicationValueTextThe textual representation of the IndicationValue Code..
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