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Data Elements Related to SCRIPT Standard

Name: SCRIPT Standard
Definition: Developed for transmitting prescription information electronically between prescribers, pharmacies, payers, and other entities for new prescriptions, changes of prescriptions, prescription refill requests, prescription fill status notifications, cancellation notifications, relaying of medication history, transactions for long-term care, electronic prior authorization and other transactions.

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IndicationValueUnitThe numeric expression of a value when it applies to an Indication.
IndicationValueUnitOfMeasureCodeThe code representing the IndicationValueUnitOfMeasureText.
IndicationValueUnitOfMeasureQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
IndicationValueUnitOfMeasureTextThe textual representation of the IndicationValueUnitOfMeasureCode.
IndicationVariableModifierUsed to express when there is more than one Indication as to whether all the indications must apply (AND) or if any of the indications can apply (OR).
InstructionIndicatorIndicates the action to be taken on the Instruction fields.
IntervalNumericValueThe numeric time between events. Used to define an Interval of administration.
IntervalUnitsCodeThe code representing the IntervalUnitsText.
IntervalUnitsQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
IntervalUnitsTextThe textual representation of IntervalUnitsCode.
IsDateTimeRequiredIndicates whether datetime format is required for date answer.
IsEAppealSupportedIndicates if payer supports electronic appeals submission.
IsFreeTextIndicates if the answer to the question is free text.
IsNumericIndicates if the answer to the question is numeric.
IsPatientNotifiedIndicates if the prescriber has notified the patient that the prescriber has requested the PA Request be cancelled.
LanguageNameCodeThe language the patient best understands and communicates with (read, write, speak)
LastFillDateLast demand (last fill) date or date and time.
LastNameLast name.
LOINCVersionThe version of Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC) being used.
LowerBoundComparisonOperatorCode that conveys the relationship between the answered value to a question and a defined lower boundary.
LowerBoundComparisonValueValue for the lower boundary of the comparison.
MailboxIDIdentification of the mailbox.
MaximumDoseRestrictionClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the maximum dose restriction for elements that cannot be codified.
MaximumDoseRestrictionDurationUnitsCodeThe code represented by the MaximumDoseRestrictionDurationUnitsText.
MaximumDoseRestrictionDurationUnitsQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
MaximumDoseRestrictionDurationUnitsTextThe textual representation of the MaximumDoseRestrictionDurationUnitsCode.
MaximumDoseRestrictionDurationValueThe numeric representation of the maximum dose restriction duration.
MaximumDoseRestrictionFormCodeThe code representing the MaximumDoseRestrictionFormText.
MaximumDoseRestrictionFormQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
MaximumDoseRestrictionFormTextThe textual representation of the MaximumDoseRestrictionFormCode.
MaximumDoseRestrictionNumericValueDefines a MaximumDose, so that the Sig can represent the concept, 'Not to exceed _____.' Expression of a Dose Maximum involves placing the core dose value in this field and the units and variables in the fields that follow.
MaximumDoseRestrictionUnitsCodeThe code representing the MaximumDoseRestrictionUnitsText.
MaximumDoseRestrictionUnitsQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
MaximumDoseRestrictionUnitsTextThe textual representation of the MaximumDoseRestrictionUnitsCode.
MeasurementValueActual value of clinical information.
MessageIDTrace number. A unique reference identifier for the transmission, generated from the sender of the request and the sender of the response. When generated from the sender, it is then echoed back in the response message in the field RelatesToMessageID. The value in this field must be present in RelatesToMessageID on subsequent transactions (such as RefillRequest, CancelRx, etc) to tie back to an original transmission.
MessageRequestCodeTo clarify a transaction.
MiddleInitialIndividual middle initial.
MultipleInstructionModifierUsed to express when there is more than one Sig as to whether all the Sigs must apply (AND) or if any of the Sigs can apply (OR) or if the Sigs are sequential (THEN), in the sequence defined by the occurrence of the .
MultipleVehicleModifierDenotes if for an instance of more than one vehicle if all vehicles are used together (AND), or if each of the listed vehicles is an option (OR). (TO) is used if the VehicleUnitOfMeasure provides for a range.
NeededNoLaterThanDateFor the facility to relay to the long term care pharmacy the timeframe when medication is needed for delivery.
NeededNoLaterThanReasonFree text additional instructions.
NewPasswordContains the new password.
NextQuestionIDIndicates the next that should be answered if this answer choice is selected or "END".
NonceElement in UsernameToken. SOAP.
NoteFree text.
NumberOfCyclesNumber of cycles authorized.
NumberOfRefillsThe refill quantity of the prescription.
ObservationDateThe date or date and time on which the observation was made.
ObservationNotesFree text of the observation.
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