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Data Elements Related to SCRIPT Standard

Name: SCRIPT Standard
Definition: Developed for transmitting prescription information electronically between prescribers, pharmacies, payers, and other entities for new prescriptions, changes of prescriptions, prescription refill requests, prescription fill status notifications, cancellation notifications, relaying of medication history, transactions for long-term care, electronic prior authorization and other transactions.

sort Name
sort Definition
OldPasswordContains the old password.
OrderCaptureMethodCode conveying the method by which the order was defined by the prescriber and captured in the prescribing system.
OtherReasonCode indicating the reason for prior authorization open.
OtherTelephoneExtensionExtension of the other telephone number.
OtherTelephoneNumberOther telephone number of the entity.
OtherTelephoneSupportsSMSIndication the number accepts text messages.
PACaseIDID assigned by the payer to identify the specific case.
PANoteFree text.
PAReferenceIDIdentifier established by the prescribing system sending a PAInitiationRequest in the solicited model or PARequest in the unsolicited model to initiate the process to request prior authorization. The identifier must be echoed in any subsequent prior authorization transactions related to that request for prior authorization (including prior authorization appeal and cancel transactions). The identifier must be unique per prescribing system.
PasswordElement in UsernameToken for the user's password. SOAP.
PAStructuresVersionElement defines which NCPDP pa structures schema is being used.
PatientIdentificationIdentification of the patient.
PatientRelationshipCodeCode indicating relationship of patient to cardholder.
PayerIdentificationIdentification of the payer.
PayerNameName of the payer.
PayerResponsibilityCodeIndicates the insurance type.
PBMMemberIDPayer assigned Unique Member ID.
PeriodEndThe date or date and time that the referenced period expires.
PersonCodeCode assigned to a specific person within a family.
PharmacyIdentificationIdentification of the pharmacy.
PharmacyRequestedRefillsNumber of refills the pharmacy is requesting.
PharmacySpecialtySpecialty of pharmacy.
PharmacyTypeSee Pharmacy Type (955-HR)
PostalCodeCode defining international postal code excluding punctuation.
PrefixPrefix of the name.
PrescriberIdentificationIdentification of the prescriber.
PrescriberOrderNumberThis is the reference number assigned by the prescribing system.
PrescriberProvidedAnswerFree text answer provided by prescriber.
PrescriberProvidedNumericAnswerNumeric answer provided by prescriber.
PrescriberSpecialtySpecialty of prescriber.
PrescriptionDeliveryMethodThe method through which the original electronically created transaction was delivered to its intended recipient. The presence of this value will confirm to the original sender the delivery method ultimately employed to successfully deliver the transaction to its intended recipient; clarity in ultimate delivery method will assist with any troubleshooting or transaction tracing that may take place.
PrimaryDiagnosisCodeDescriptionThe textual representation of PrimaryDiagnosisCode.
PrimaryDiagnosisCodeQualifierCodeQualifies the code list used for the PrimaryDiagnosis.
PrimaryDiagnosisValueCode for the primary diagnosis
PrimaryTelephoneExtensionExtension of the preferred telephone number.
PrimaryTelephoneNumberPreferred telephone number of the entity.
PrimaryTelephoneSupportsSMSIndication the number accepts text messages.
PriorAuthorizationIdentifies the prior authorization.
PriorAuthorizationStatusThe status of the prescription's prior authorization as known by the sender.
ProductCodeCode identifying the product being reported.
ProductQualifierCodeThe code list defining the ProductCode.
ProfessionalServiceCodeCode identifying intervention performed when a conflict has been detected.
ProhibitRefillRequestAllows the prescriber to indicate to the pharmacy that the pharmacy should never request refills for this specific prescription by any technique.
ProviderIdentificationIdentification of the provider.
Provider SpecialtySpecialty of provider.
QuantityCodeListQualifierQualifies QuantityValue.
QuantityValueThe quantity of the prescription e.g. the count of tablets or number of grams. The compound final quantity.
QuantityUnitOfMeasureCodeConcepts of the intended or actual dispensed quantity unit of measure (e.g., 1 Pack, 1 Inhaler, 17 grams, 30 tablets, 473 ML, 3 Eaches. Upon billing, this data is translated to Milliliters, Grams, for Eaches.
QuestionIDID assigned by the payer to identify the question.
QuestionLevelIndicates that all questions with this ID are related.
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