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Data Elements Related to SCRIPT Standard

Name: SCRIPT Standard
Definition: Developed for transmitting prescription information electronically between prescribers, pharmacies, payers, and other entities for new prescriptions, changes of prescriptions, prescription refill requests, prescription fill status notifications, cancellation notifications, relaying of medication history, transactions for long-term care, electronic prior authorization and other transactions.
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AcknowledgementIDResponder control reference This field may be used as a trace number between trading partners. For Resupply - In the LTC environment this is the prescription number assigned by the facility.
AcknowledgementReasonAdditional textual information regarding intervention and/or acknowledgment associated with a DUE conflict.
AdditionalFreeTextFree text
AdditionalFreeTextIndicatorIndicates if the prescriber is allowed to supply additional free text with their answer to the question.
AdditionalRefillsAuthorizedNumber of additional refills authorized.
AdditionalTraceNumberTrace number between trading partners.
AddressLine1First line of address information.
AddressLine2Second line of address information.
AddressTypeQualifierQualifies the To or From.
AdministrationIndicatorIndicates the action to be taken on the Administration fields.
AdministrationTimingClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the administration timing for elements that cannot be codified.
AdministrationTimingEventCodeThe code representing the AdministrationTimingEventText.
AdministrationTimingEventQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
AdministrationTimingEventTextThe textual representation of AdministrationTimingEventCode.
AdministrationTimingModifierCodeThe code representing the AdministrationTimingModifierText.
AdministrationTimingModifierQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
AdministrationTimingModifierTextThe textual representation of the AdministrationTimingModifierCode. Used to clarify or specify when the medication is to be administered relative to the actual timing event.
AdministrationTimingNumericValueThe numeric value for the administration event, such as 30 (minutes).
AdministrationTimingUnitsCodeThe code representing the AdministrationTimingUnitsText.
AdministrationTimingUnitsQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
AdministrationTimingUnitsTextThe textual representation of AdministrationTimingUnitsCode.
AnswerValue for the answer.
AnswerValueCoded reference value for the answer.
AppealCaseIDID assigned by the payer to identify the specific appeal request.
AttachmentControlNumberIndicates the control number of the attachment.
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