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Data Elements Related to SCRIPT Standard

Name: SCRIPT Standard
Definition: Developed for transmitting prescription information electronically between prescribers, pharmacies, payers, and other entities for new prescriptions, changes of prescriptions, prescription refill requests, prescription fill status notifications, cancellation notifications, relaying of medication history, transactions for long-term care, electronic prior authorization and other transactions.
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ZipCodeCode defining international postal zone excluding punctuation and blanks.
X509DataBase64 encoded raw bytes of the X509 certificate (which contains the Public Key). Used by the receiver to validate the digital signature.
WrittenDateDate or date and time issued.
WorkTelephoneSupportsSMSIndication the number accepts text messages.
WorkTelephoneNumberWork telephone number of the entity.
WorkTelephoneExtensionExtension of the work telephone number.
VitalSignPhysical condition identifier.
VerifyStatusCodeCodes used to relay successful or rejected communications.
VehicleUnitOfMeasureTextThe textual representation of VehicleUnitOfMeasureCode.
VehicleUnitOfMeasureQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
VehicleUnitOfMeasureCodeThe code representing the VehicleUnitOfMeasureText.
VehicleQuantityA volume, expressed in a value.
VehiclePrepositionTextThe textual representation of the VehiclePrepositionCode.
VehiclePrepositionQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
VehiclePrepositionCodeThe code representing the VehiclePrepositionText.
VehicleQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
VehicleCodeThe code representing the VehicleText.
VehicleClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the vehicle for elements that cannot be codified.
VehicleThe textual representation of VehicleCode.
VariableIntervalModifierUsed to express when there is more than one Interval as to whether the intervals are all required to be used (AND) or if any of the intervals can be used (OR/TO).
VariableFrequencyModifierUsed to express when there is more than one Frequency as to whether the frequencies are all required to be used (AND) or if any of the frequencies can be used (OR/TO).
VariableAdministrationTimingModifierUsed to express when there is more than one time as to whether the times are all required to be used (AND) or if any of the times can be used (OR). (TO) is used if the Administration Timing provides for a range.
UsernameElement in UsernameToken for the user. SOAP.
UpperBoundComparisonValueValue for the upper boundary of the comparison.
UpperBoundComparisonOperatorCode that conveys the relationship between the answered value to a question and a defined upper boundary.
UnitOfMeasureA division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement.
UCUMVersionThe version of The Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM) being used.
TriggerTextQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used
TriggerTextCodeThe code representing the TriggerText.
TriggerTextThe textual representation of the TriggerTextCode. The event that indicates the completion of the duration of use or reason to stop.
TransportVersionElement defines which NCPDP transport schema is being used.
TransactionVersionElement defines the version of the TransactionDomain schema is being used.
TransactionErrorCodeCodes used to relay successful or rejected communications.
TransactionDomainElement defines which NCPDP business domain schema is being used.
ToThe identification number of the receiver.
TimingClarifyingFreeTextUsed to add clarity to the Timing for elements that cannot be codified.
TimePeriodBasisTextThe textual representation of the TimePeriodBasisCode. Expresses the time unit of measure for the calculated dose.
TimePeriodBasisQualifierQualifier to identify the code system being used.
TimePeriodBasisCodeThe code representing the TimePeriodBasisText..
TestMessageIndicates whether the transaction is test or live.
TertiaryIdentifierUsed as a tertiary identifier, based on trading partner agreements or need of the originating system.
TertiaryIdentificationUsed as a tertiary identification of the recipient.
SuspendDateTimeThe date and time at which administration of a medication is suspended
SupervisorSpecialtySpecialty of supervisor.
SupervisorIdentificationIdentification of the supervisor.
SuffixName suffix.
SubstitutionCodeCode indicating whether or not the prescriber's instructions regarding generic substitution were followed.
StructuresVersionElement defines which NCPDP structures schema is being used.
StrengthValueDrug strength.
StrengthUnitOfMeasureConcepts of dosage form strength (e.g., 250 mg, 250 MG/5ML), a delivery rate (e.g., 12 mcg/hr, a dosage form concentration (e.g., 0.05%, 1%), the dosage released from a single delivery device actuation (e.g., 90 mcg [implied as per inhalation], 5 grams), the days supply or quantity in a package (e.g., 28 day, 60 grams).
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