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Data Elements Related to Prescription Transfer Standard

Name: Prescription Transfer Standard
Definition: To electronically transfer prescription files between pharmacies.
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Additional Message InformationFree text message.
Address CountCount of address occurrences.
Address Line 1First line of address information.
Address Line 2Second line of address information.
Address QualifierQualifier of the address.
Alternate ID NumberAlternate ID number assigned to the cardholder or family member.
Batch NumberA number generated by the sender to uniquely identify this batch from others, especially when multiple batches may be sent in one day.
BedThe bed of the patient.
Cardholder First NameIndividual first name.
Cardholder IDInsurance ID assigned to the cardholder or identification number used by the plan.
Cardholder Last NameIndividual last name.
City Free-form text for city name.
Client NameName of client.
Compound CodeCode indicating whether or not the prescription is a compound.
Creation DateDate the file was created.
Creation TimeTime the file was created.
Date Of BirthDate of birth of patient.
Date Of ServiceIdentifies date the prescription was filled or professional service rendered or subsequent payer began coverage following Part A expiration in a long-term care setting only.
Date Prescription WrittenDate prescription was written.
Days SupplyEstimated number of days the prescription will last.
Destination NameThe destination name to whom the file is being sent.
Discontinue DateDate on or after which the prescription is no longer fillable.
Discontinue Date QualifierCode qualifying Discontinue Date (607-NC).
Dispense As Written (DAW)/ Product Selection CodeCode indicating whether or not the prescriber's instructions regarding generic substitution were followed.
Drug DescriptionName of drug.
Easy Open Cap IndicatorCode indicating patient requires use of easy open cap or not.
Effective DateDate the information was valid.
Entity Country CodeCode of the country.
Expiration DateDate on which coverage is no longer effective.
Facility IDID assigned to the patient's clinic/host party.
Facility NameName identifying the location of the service rendered.
Facility UnitThe unit of the patient.
Family ID NumberID number that represents that family.
File Structure TypeIndicates type of structure of record supported.
File TypeCode identifying whether the file contained is test or production data.
Fill NumberThe code indicating whether the prescription is an original or a refill.
First NameFirst name.
Group IDID assigned to the cardholder group or employer group.
Hours Of AdministrationIndicates the specific time(s) when the prescribed medication is to be administered
Inactive Prescription IndicatorIndicates that the prescription is considered inactive and is therefore no longer fillable.
Label DirectionsPrescription label directions.
Last NameLast name.
Middle InitialIndividual middle initial.
Most Recent Date FilledDate of the most recent fill.
Number Of Fills RemainingNumber of fills authorized by the prescriber that have not yet been dispensed.
Number Of Fills To DateNumber of times this prescription has been filled to-date.
Number of Refills AuthorizedNumber of refills authorized by the prescriber.
Original Dispensed DateDate of the first fill for the prescription.
Original Dispensed QuantityProduct initially dispensed amount expressed in metric decimal units.
Originally Prescribed Product/Service CodeCode of the initially prescribed product or service.
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