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User Guide: APCD Portal

Viewing Data Elements from the All-Payer Claims home page:

To compare states data elements, select two or more states from the All-Payer Claims home page and click "Show Data Elements Related to States"

APCD Portal Menu

A list of all data elements for each state will be returned, sorted by the Data Element ID. To view the similarities and differences of a data element between the selected states, click on the data element ID. Similarities will be highlighted in blue with a green checkmark to the left of the comparison, while differences will be highlighted in grey with a red exclamation point to the left of the comparison.

To search for a specific data element from the listing, type the data element id in the filter box above the list and click the magnifying glass.

Viewing Data Elements from the menu:

Select "Data Elements" from Artifacts in the menu bar and a list of all data elements for every state will be displayed. This list is sorted alphabetically by data element name. Each column in this list, Data Element Name, Data Element ID, State, and File Specification can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the arrow to the left of the column heading. You can also search by name or ID, or apply filters to the state and file submission specification to constrain the list.

Click on a single data element to display metadata for that data element. The At a Glance tab will list all attributes for the selected data element and permissible values, as applicable. You can also download the data element details into an Excel file, or click on the File Submission tab to view the file submission for which the data element is required.

To view a list of data elements for a single state, click on "Data Elements for [State]" from the home page.

View the list of File Submission Specifications:

To see a list of all file submission specifications loaded in USHIK, select "File Submissions" under Artifacts from the menu bar options. This will return an alphabetical list of each file submission specification, the state with which it is associated, and the file release date. The list allows sorting by file name, state, and release date, and searching on file name.

APCD File Specification List

From this screen, you can select a single file submission specification to view file submission details by clicking on the filename, or you can select two or more file submission specifications to compare. Details of a single file submission specification will list each of the data elements for the file in the order they appear in the file. The file submission specification detail page lists the data element ID, name, description, type, format and length. To see all attributes of the data element, click on its ID. This will take you to a detail page for that data element.

Selecting two or more file submission specifications for a comparison allows a user to view each data element in the file submission specification for similarities and differences in name, type, length, and codes.

APCD File Specification Comparison

View the States from the Artifacts Menu Option:

By clicking "States" on the menu bar under Artifacts, USHIK will display a list of the states that have had their file submission specifications loaded into USHIK. This list contains the State, the source of the file submission specification, and a list of each of their file submission specifications. If you select a single state to view, each file submission specification will be listed on a separate tab. Selecting two or more states and clicking the "Compare" button will provide a comparison of each file submission specifications and their data elements, displaying similarities and differences.

View All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) Council Data Elements:

By selecting APCD Core Data Elements under Artifacts in the menu bar, you will see a list of the APCD Council's data elements. In 2011, the APCD Council developed a working list of core data elements for pharmacy claims, eligibility files, and medical (institutional and professional) claims. This tentative list of core data elements grew out of collaboration with AHRQ, third-party payers to include America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), and six early-adopter States. The list provides interested State policy advocates and other researchers an excellent basis for developing a common data format across all carriers and platforms.

Below is a partial list of APCD Core Data Elements. These can be sorted into multiple views for further analysis and downloading:

APCD Core Data Elements

View APCD/ASC X12 Relationship Mapping:

Select this item under Artifacts in the menu bar for a page that shows the alignment of APCD data elements to ASC X12 data elements. This page also displays some of the States that have an existing APCD and whether the APCD council data element is used in their medical claims file submission specification. Please note this page is a work in progress, from the APCD PACDR committee. Currently, it does not include all active APCD. As more information becomes available, this page will be updated accordingly.

APCD File Specification Comparison

From this page, you may select a particular X12 element to access further information, including permissible codes and their values:

APCD X12 Element

Download Data from File Submissions or Data Elements:

Links for downloading items are available in Excel format. This data download link is located at the top of any list page, or from a single File Submission or Data Element detail page from the Downloads tab.

On a list page, check the box for the File Submissions or Data Elements you wish to download, then click the Excel button, as shown below. The download file is a compressed (zip) file, containing one or more Excel spreadsheets, dependent upon how many files were chosen to download.

APCD List Downloads

From a File Submission or Data Element detail page, click the Downloads tab and select Excel.

APCD Detail Downloads Tab

Reporting an Error or Discrepancy or Request for Further Information:

The USHIK staff welcomes your input and takes pride in providing accurate information. If at any time an error or discrepancy is identified, or you need additional assistance, please use the "Feedback/Help" link at the top right of each page in USHIK. A USHIK representative will contact you to provide assistance or address an error and report its status. Additionally, you can use this same link, which provides a "frequently asked questions" link to learn more about USHIK.

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