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The APCD portal was last updated on December 20, 2014. Since that time, there have been updates to Oregon and Utah's APCD Specifications. If you are seeking the current APCD specifications for these states, please refer to their respective APCD websites (Oregon All Payer All Claims Database or Utah All Payer Claims Database) until further notice. Please send any concerns you may have via the Feedback form.

All Payer Claims Databases

All-Payer Database Program: State-By-State Status

State Status
Alabama No Current Activity
Alaska Strong Interest
Arkansas Strong Interest
Arizona Strong Interest
California Existing Voluntary Effort
Colorado Existing
Connecticut In Implementation
Delaware Strong Interest
Florida Strong Interest
Georgia No Current Activity
Hawaii Strong Interest
Iowa Strong Interest
Idaho Strong Interest
Illinois Strong Interest
Indiana No Current Activity
Kansas Existing Program
Kentucky Strong Interest
Louisiana Strong Interest
Massachusetts> Existing Program
Maryland Existing Program
Maine Existing Program
Michigan Strong Interest
Minnesota Existing Program
Missouri No Current Activity
Mississippi No Current Activity
Montana Strong Interest
North Carolina No Current Activity
North Dakota No Current Activity
Nebraska Strong Interest
New Hampshire Existing Program
New Jersey Strong Interest
New Mexico Strong Interest
Nevada No Current Activity
New York In Implementation
Ohio Strong Interest
Oklahoma No Current Activity
Oregon Existing Program
Pennsylvania Strong Interest
Rhode Island In Implementation
South Carolina Strong Interest
South Dakota No Current Activity
Tennessee Existing Program
Texas Strong Interest
Utah Existing Program
Virginia Existing Program
Vermont Existing Program
Washington Existing Voluntary Effort
Wisconsin Existing Voluntary Effort
West Virginia In Implementation
Wyoming Strong Interest

What are All Payer Claims Databases?

APCDs are large-scale databases that systematically collect health care claims data from a variety of payer sources. These databases, typically created by a state mandate, generally include data derived from medical claims, pharmacy claims, eligibility files, provider (physician and facility) files, and dental claims from private and public payers.

APCD systems collect data from the existing transaction systems in place to pay health care claims, thus leveraging data from within the insurance claims and reimbursement system. The information typically collected in an APCD includes patient demographics, provider demographics, clinical, financial, and utilization data.

(Referenced From: http://www.statecoverage.org/files/SCI_All_Payer_Claims_ReportREV.pdf Exit Disclaimer [www.statecoverage.org] which was authored by Patrick B. Miller, Denise Love, Emily Sullivan, Jo Porter, and Amy Costello)

Quick Tip for Viewing and Comparing State Data Elements
  1. 1. Select a state from the list to view individual state APCD metadata or select multiple states for a comparison of APCD metadata between states.
  2. 2. After you have selected the state(s) to view, click the [Show Data Elements Related to States]. USHIK will run and display a list of the selected state(s) APCD data elements.
  3. 3. To view a comparison of a specific data element click the Data Element ID. The comparison screen will display an Attribute comparison page and a code comparison page between the data elements.
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