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Recommended Use 14: Improve reporting around population health management (Indirect Use)

Stakeholder: Administrators, care coordinators, and health plans

Recommend Use Details

The 2015 Priority List supports improved EHR data capture as part of the routine care of the child, which is anticipated to be useful in population health management.


Many of the 2015 Priority List requirements are central to pediatric health and can be reported in aggregate and used in the comparison of practices, such as rates of performance of preventive care practices, newborn screening, and other guideline-driven activities. The goal of population health management is to improve population based outcomes while reducing cost by improving efficiency of care delivery, promoting cost effective strategies, and supporting early preventive interventions. Timely feedback to providers caring for a population of patients is essential to attain these benefits.

Challenges and Barriers

Adequate data quality and its consistent capture are prerequisites for use in population health management. Additional barriers relate to the joining of data from EHRs with other data sets for population health management. Establishing routines for the complete and accurate collection of data is essential for its downstream use in population health management.

Relevant 2015 Priority List Requirements:

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