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Recommended Use 16: communication with pharmacists to support safer medication use (Indirect Use)

Stakeholder: Pharmacists, pharmacy staff, and pharmacy management system vendors

Recommend Use Details

Improvements in the completeness and accuracy of data in the patient record can potentially lead to improvements in the transfer of pediatric patient information to the pharmacy, which is critical for safe dispensing. Pharmacists serving in the role of care provider often do not have access to this valuable data. Receipt of this information will help them dispense accurate medications and thus result in better patient outcomes. Furthermore, this data will also help the pharmacy management system vendors configure their software so that their systems can consume and meaningfully display this information to the pharmacist end user.


Access to the child’s EHR medication data supports more accurate and safe medication dispensing through better integration of the pharmacist as part of the patient care team, and reduces redundancy and duplicated effort.


Benefits require the exchange of medication information between EHRs and pharmacy systems, which may be slowed by competing priorities and/or lack of adoption by the EHR and Pharmacy technology system vendors.

Relevant 2015 Priority List Requirements:

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