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Recommended Use 15: Support for eMeasure development and specification (Indirect Use)

Stakeholder: Quality reporting measure developers

Recommend Use Details

The 2015 Priority List supports improved EHR data capture as part of the routine care of the child, which is anticipated to advance the use of EHR data in quality monitoring and reporting, supporting more uniform and standardized methods to assess performance across practices using a variety of EHRs.


More consistent collection of more standardized EHR data about a child is anticipated to improve direct care, as well as secondary use of child data for measurement. eMeasures are essential tools for understanding progress toward important goals in child health. As standards are more precisely defined, and EHRs are more consistently designed to support those standards, eMeasures can be better used to track practice improvements.


The 2015 Priority List does not include every data element that will be useful to measure developers, but it is a start. Over time, as the list of high-priority requirements shifts, it will be important to consider requirements that may be important for eMeasure development and use, as well as those having a high impact on the delivery of care to children.

Relevant 2015 Priority List Requirements

All requirements are relevant.

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