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Recommended Use 10: Identify functionalities for certifying health IT product functionality (Indirect Use)

Stakeholder: Standards development organization (SDO), certification bodies, and professional associations

Recommend Use Details

The 2015 Priority List identifies functionalities that may serve as a basis for developing pediatric-specific health IT certification criteria, testing scripts, and technical specifications. For example, circa 2009, the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) used functional requirements for pediatrics published by HL7 as the starting point for prioritizing pediatric specific functions to be certified.

In addition, professional associations such as the AAP could use the list to assess industry EHR products used in the care of children and provide some direction to their membership about which products met the high priority items contained in the 2015 list. Advancing support for the 2015 Priority List (and the 2013 Children’s EHR Format as a whole) from organizations such as AAP, AAFP, AHRQ, CMS/Medicaid, and other child health stakeholders such as Children's Hospital Association can help to highlight the importance of the list to the care of children. Legislation such as CHIPRA or ARRA meaningful use may help to advance the impact of the 2015 Priority List on EHR design and use.


Advancing the consistent inclusion of the 2015 Priority List items in EHR is desirable, since current products often lack these capabilities. Certification and/or product review may help spur other activities such as testing, configuration guides, and development standards, creating greater consistency among different EHR products.


Certifying and product review organizations are selective about the software requirements they choose, and might view some of the 2015 Priority List items as having limited focus compared to other items affecting greater numbers of patients and providers.

Relevant 2015 Priority List Requirements

All requirements are relevant.

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