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Recommended Use 6: Surface opportunities to improve workflow and other aspects of EHR use (Indirect Use)

Stakeholder: User advocacy groups, EHR system evaluators, and end users

Recommend Use Details

Work to configure and optimize use of an EHR extends well beyond the initial go-live activities. The 2015 Priority List, particularly the implementation notes and references to resources such as Bright Futures, may help users better leverage an EHR’s capabilities. For example, are growth data collected before the encounter with the clinician, and in a way that provides critical information during that encounter? What training should be provided to practitioners given the complex workflow needed to execute some aspects of care? Thinking through these questions can be helpful in identifying opportunities for an improved practice workflow that better leverages the functionalities of the EHR.


The 2015 Priority List provides value by surfacing goals and questions, based on a set of important requirements, that can help stakeholders better understand the challenges of EHR use in a busy pediatric or family practice.


One challenge of this recommended use is that workflow is not the primary focus of the 2015 Priority List, and it may be difficult to identify workflow assumptions behind some requirement descriptions and implementation notes.

Relevant 2015 Priority List Requirements:

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