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In May 2016, AHRQ identified several errors in the documents originally published for the 2015 Priority List. The original documents contained a topic area summary table which incorrectly omitted several topic area / Requirement links. These documents have been corrected and the USHIK database has been updated to reflect this change.

Children's Electronic Health Record Format


The Children's Electronic Health Record (EHR) Format is a list of functional requirements that was released publicly in 2013.

The Format provides information to EHR system developers and others about critical functionality, data elements, and other software requirements that need to be present in an EHR system to address health care needs specific to the care of children.

An initial group of requirements released in 2013 are referred to here as the 2013 Format. In 2015, the Children's EHR Format (the Format) was expanded and enhanced by adding 47 items that were developed by a national multi-stakeholder work group. This resulted in the creation of the 2015 Priority List.


The Format contains a total of 747 requirements all of which are searchable on this site. Perform a keyword search using the search box in the header of this page on the right.

You can also search by topic area and release package. Use the selections tools below to start exploring:


You may download the whole set of requirements, any lists of requirements or individual requirements in various formats. To download the entire set, use the quick links below:

Children's EHR Format Enhancement: Final Recommendation Report

The Children's EHR Format (the Format) contains portions of the Health Level Seven International (HL7™) Child Health Functional Profile Specification, release 1, and modifications thereof, developed by HL7, the copyright of which is owned by HL7. For more information on HL7's IP Policy, go to www.hl7.org . Access to both the full and abridged Format is available. Before accessing the complete (Full, Unabridged) Format, including the HL7-related content, you must first agree to an online license agreement with HL7. You may access an abridged view of the Format without having to agree to the HL7 license agreement. If you decide to access the unabridged version, this site will guide you through the online license agreement process.

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