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Health Information Technology Standards Panel

The mission of the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel is to serve as a cooperative partnership between the public and private sectors for the purpose of achieving a widely accepted and useful set of standards specifically to enable and support widespread interoperability among healthcare software applications, as they will interact in a local, regional and national health information network for the United States. Comprised of a wide range of stakeholders, the Panel will assist in the development of the U.S. Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) by addressing issues such as privacy and security within a shared healthcare information system. Click here for more information about the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel Exit Disclaimer [www.ansi.org].

HITSP Technical Committees

(Updated on December, 6th 2010)
Care Management Health Records Foundation Harmonization Subcommittee

IS 01 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Laboratory Results Reporting IS 04 Emergency Responder Electronic Health Record (ER-EHR) IS 07 Medication IS 08 Personalized Healthcare IS 09 Consultation and Transfer of Care
IS 02 Biosurveillance IS 06 Quality IS 10 Immunization and Management IS 11 Public Health Case Reporting
IS 03 Consumer Empowerment IS 05 Consumer Empowerment and Access to Clinical Information via Media IS 12 Patient Provider Secure Messaging IS 77 Remote Monitoring

EHR-Centric Interoperability Specification (IS) Tiger Team

IS 107 EHR-Centric V1.0

Clinical Operations Clinical Quality/Public Health Admin and Finance

Quality Measures

IS 06 HITSP Quality Interoperability Specification Quality Measures
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